Transport Histories

Halfway to the Stars - San Francisco and its Cable Cars


Celebrated in song, the cable cars of San Francisco are a unique and endearing form of public transport.  This is their story, and that of the city which created them.

Magnus Volk and his Amazing Railways


The story of an electrical pioneer and the amazing railways he built, particularly Volk's Electric Railway which still runs along Brighton seafront and is the oldest working electric railway in the world.

Lisbon and its Little Yellow Trams


Nearly every travel poster you see of Lisbon features one of the city's diminutive yellow tramcars.  They are survivors of a bygone age and have become an icon of this most charming of European capitals.  

Transport of the Masses


A general history of the once ubiquitous tramcar, which transformed our cities at the beginning of the 20th century by providing cheap transport available to all. 

Brighton's Tramways


 A history of the transport that once served Brighton (but not Hove!).  Brighton was the last town in the world still to be building open topped trams, as late as 1937.   

Transports of Delight


From trains on the pier to miniature railways and cliff lifts, the seaside has always provided various interesting and delightful forms of transport to amuse holiday makers.  This talk tells the story of those that survive today, and some weird and wonderful ones that don't!


Island Trains and Trams


The Isle of Man is famous for its vintage transport systems - steam trains, an electric mountain railway, and even horse trams on the world's last surviving horse tramway.  Step back in time with a look at the many varied vintage transport systems and enjoy the scenery of this beautiful island.

Other Transport Talks

Other specialist interest transport talks are also available. These are intended for transport enthusiasts and go into much more detail. They are accordingly quite a bit longer and are usually shown with an interval. Subjects include:


The Manx Electric Railway
Tramways of Manchester
Magnus Volk and His Railways
Tramways of Lisbon
Tramways of Melbourne
Tramways of Brussels
Tramways of Milan
Tramways of Prague
Tramways of San Francisco – Part One – horse, steam and cable
Tramways of San Francisco – Part Two – electric trams
Tramways of San Francisco – Part Three – Interurbans 

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