Architecture histories

The Origins of Art Nouveau Architecture


A look at the origins and astonishing flowering of this highly decorative style that flourished briefly around 1900, particularly in Belgium and France.

A Further Look at Art Nouveau Architecture


A follow up to the earlier talk, looking at the influence the style had in different countries, including Britain, Austria, Latvia and America.

The World of Art Deco


We look at how Art Nouveau evolved into the style that defined the jazz era and the golden age of pre-war Hollywood musicals.  Art Deco launched a thousand cinemas (and the Hoover factory) and is still influential today.

The Story of the Crystal Palace


Originally designed for the Great Exhibition of 1851, then transported to Sydenham and rebuilt and enlarged, the Crystal Palace was Joseph Paxton's masterpiece, and was the largest iron and glass building ever constructed.  It dominated the south London skyline for over 80 years until its tragic destruction by fire in 1936.  This is its story.